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“I have never seen a performer met with such enthusiasm by its audience.” 

United Insurance

Mind to Mind Show

David Winston is the man behind the Mind to Mind Show, 45 minutes of highly interactive, compelling entertainment. With audience participation and great humor, David engages and astonishes even the most skeptical of audiences, providing them with extraordinary experiences that dramatize the untapped ability of the numan mind. The audience will be moved from disbelief to a state of wonder.

San Diego Mentalism, Mind to Mind Show

Be enthralled as David performs a stunning series of telepathic experiments displaying his mental power and that of the audience. It's Mind Blowing! The audience is totally involved in the experience, accomplshed not by psychic powers but rather a deep understanding of human nature, the power of suggestion, and the ability to manipulate perception of events. David Winston taps into the innate powers of the human mind for an unforgettable experience that's wildly entertaining. He's the master of wit and psychology. Call now for pricing and availability.

I don't just read minds; I reveal the characters and personalities of your guests.

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