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David Winston 

An Interactive
Entertainment Experience

Los Angeles | San Diego | Palm Springs

Mind to Mind Show

David Winston will read the minds and personalities of your group in this highly interactive show. HE TELLS THEM THEIR DEEPEST SECRETS WITHOUT THEM SAYING A WORD.


It’s like no other entertainment;  it’s all about the audience.  He reads their minds in compelling and fun ways. It’s the ultimate in audience involvement. 

33 15 year dinner 2015 March 17,

If you don’t know each other before the show, you will after. If you thought you knew each other, you may be surprised. David can’t predict the future but he can make the present much more interesting.


David Winston's Mind-to-Mind Show is the perfect choice when your clients want something different. It’s sure-fire entertainment that lasts about 45 minutes. 

Mingle Mindreading

David will go table-to-table, group-to-group, and mind-to- mind with demonstrations that combine ESP, Telepathy, and a whole lot of fun! He’ll read the minds of your guests, tell them what they’re thinking, and describe their character and personality in remarkable and incisive ways.  It’s unforgettable entertainment with amazing revelations that will keep your clients and guests talking.


Sand Reading

Your guests will be asked to make a design, picture or free form impression in a bed of white Caribbean sand. David does a fun, entertaining reading about their strengths, goals, dreams and talents and their positive future.  It will blow their socks off. People are always saying: “Did someone tell you about me?”, or “I didn’t believe in this until I spoke to you.” 


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